Tollcross Primary School

Supporting every child to become a confident lifelong learner.

about our school


Tollcross Primary School is situated within Edinburgh city centre and welcomes families from a wide variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
We are very proud of the warm, caring and inclusive ethos of our school and value the achievements of all our learners.  Our pupils show great pride in their school and are keen to learn, participate and achieve.  The whole staff team work together to support all pupils to develop as confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and effective contributors. At Tollcross Primary we are committed to providing a high quality learning environment which develops the potential of each child. We aim to encourage communication, personal development and positive self esteem to promote successful learning. At Tollcross we believe that children learn effectively when there is a genuine partnership between home and school. We welcome the opportunity to work with parents/carers and value their support and involvement in their children’s learning.

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