Tollcross Primary School

Supporting every child to become a confident lifelong learner.

Staff at Tollcross


Staff at Tollcross

Head Teacher:  Lynn Brand

Deputy Head Teacher:  Fiona Chadwick

Principal Teacher: Hazel Dripps

  • Primary 1a              Hazel Dripps
  • Primary 1/2             Ellen McGee
  • Primary 2              Gina Steel
  • Primary 3              Sophie McNiven
  • Primary 3/4          Gemma Richardson      
  • Primary 4              Jade Anderson
  • Primary 5                Sarah Callachan
  • Primary 5/6             Joanna Menzies
  • Primary 6              Lynn McLaren
  • Primary 7              Kat White
  • English as an Additional Language Teacher: Caroline Gordon
  • PE Specialist: Veronica Clapton
  • Music Specialist: Donna Ewen 
  • Support for Learning: Carol Ross


  • Business Manager:  Michael Morrison
  • School Administrator: Jenny McQueen
  • Pupil Support Officer: Beverly Frew
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Khin Gibbons
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Pauline Airlie
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Dawn Smith
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Jane Reynolds
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Jasmaine Vaughan
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Fiona Storr
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Imaan Zuber
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Reuben Porter

Partnership Agencies

  • Educational Psychologist: Pamela Foster
  • ASL Service: John Hannan and Fiona Bogie

10 thoughts on “Staff at Tollcross

  1. Mr D is amazing

  2. Mrs Thomson and Mrs Young are the best teachers you could ever have

  3. Mrs Brand is the BEST !!!

  4. Well done Mr D for doing your ice bucket challenge today ! Ms McCorkell and Mrs R tomorrow !

  5. Mrs Brand is the most amazing teacher ever!!!

  6. Miss this school

  7. Mrs Brand is a brilliant teacher she used to teach me back in 2005-2010, lovely women anyone who gets too meet her is blessed.

    • Brandon, so lovely to hear from you and hope you are well. Thank you for this lovely comment it is so kind and heart warming. Please pop in if you are near Tollcross, I would love to see you.

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