Tollcross Primary School

Supporting every child to become a confident lifelong learner.

Staff at Tollcross



Staff at Tollcross

Head Teacher:  Ms Lynn Brand

 Acting Principal Teacher:  Ms Fiona Chadwick

                                        Acting Principal Teacher: Mrs Hazel Dripps

  • Primary 1a              Mrs H Dripps
  • Primary 1 b             Ms G Steel
  • Primary 2                Ms G Richardson
  • Primary 2/3             Ms E McGee
  • Primary 3                Ms J Anderson
  • Primary 4                Mrs L McLaren
  • Primary 5a               Ms McAllister
  • Primary 5b               Ms B Sproul
  • Primary 6                 Ms S Callaghan
  • Primary 7                Ms F Chadwick
  • English as an Additional Language Teachers: Ms D Ferguson
  • PE Specialist: Mr S Devine
  • Music Specialist: Mrs  D Ewen 
  • Support for Learning: Mrs Carol Ross


  • Business Manager:  Mr M Morrison
  • School Administrator: Mrs M Gilmour
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Mrs B Frew
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Mrs K Gibbons
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Mrs Ardley
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Mrs D Smith
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Ms J Reynolds
  • Pupil Support Assistant: Ms S Mariner
  • Pupil Suport Assistant: Mrs F Storr
  • Janitor: Betty

Partnership Agencies

  • Educational Psychologist: Pamela Foster
  • Education Welfare Office: Elaine Brown
  • School Nurse: Rhona Allan 0131 537 9385

8 thoughts on “Staff at Tollcross

  1. Mr D is amazing

  2. Mrs Thomson and Mrs Young are the best teachers you could ever have

  3. Mrs Brand is the BEST !!!

  4. Well done Mr D for doing your ice bucket challenge today ! Ms McCorkell and Mrs R tomorrow !

  5. Mrs Brand is the most amazing teacher ever!!!

  6. Miss this school

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