Tollcross Primary School

Supporting every child to become a confident lifelong learner.

What is being said about Tollcross Primary?


“A very good start had been made to the updating of learning and teaching in mathematics in line with CfE. The school had used the local authority progression pathways to produce supportive planning material. Attainment information indicated that most pupils have a good understanding of key mathematical concepts in number, for example the link between multiplication and division. Attainment is very good in literacy and numeracy. ”

ECC Follow-Up Report 2012  

“The atmosphere around the school was calm and purposeful. Pupils were confident, polite and talked positively and enthusiastically about their experiences at school.”

ECC Follow-Up Report 2012  

“Children make responsible choices and decisions regularly in learning activities. Increasingly, they research and learn independently. ”

HMIE Report 2010

“Almost all children think the school helps them become more confident.”

HMIE Report 2010

“Children, parents and staff are very proud of their school. Children are keen to achieve. They are unfailingly courteous to adults and almost always polite to one another. ”

HMIE Report 2010

“At the primary stages, almost all parents are happy with the work of the school and feel their child is progressing well. Most feel the school is good at seeking and taking account of their views.”

HMIE Report 2010

“Children’s skills in mathematics are developing very well. They are particularly sound in mental calculation, and use ICT well to display their understanding of graphs and charts.”

HMIE Report 2010

“In recent years the school has maintained high levels of achievement. Almost all children achieve appropriate national levels in reading and mathematics, and most do so in     writing. ”

HMIE Report 2010

Click here for our most recent HMIE Report (August 2010)




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