Tollcross Primary School

Supporting every child to become a confident lifelong learner.




Tollcross Primary School has served the children and families of the Tollcross and Fountainbridge Community for over 100 years.  We are committed to providing learning experiences of the highest quality, in a positive and supportive environment where everyone feels happy, confident and valued as an individual. Tollcross Primary School is a wonderful community of learners.

Visitors to our school comment on our welcoming, friendly school and our happy and engaged  learners.

I hope our website has shown you a little of what we offer our families at Tollcross.  If you have any further questions about our school please contact us, we would be delighted to give you a school tour, share our learning and answer any questions. We look forward to welcoming you.

Lynn Brand
Tollcross Primary School

7 thoughts on “Headteacher

  1. I’m really happy to have someone like Mrs. Brown as our Headteacher

  2. Thank you Bilal! I’m delighted to have great pupils like you. Enjoy your holiday and see you for a wonderful final term for you at TX!

  3. Hello, this is Class 2M in Year 2 at Hollyfast Primary School in Coventry. It is our International Week so we are learning about different countries. In Year 2 our country is Scotland.

    Today we have learned about the Scottish flag called the Saltire, Edinburgh, bagpipes, the Loch Ness Monster and the kilt. We have made shortbread, made a Loch Ness Monster for our wall, painted Scottish landscapes, weaved our own tartans, and coloured in Saltires.

    We will tell you what else we do this week in our International Week, because you are our partner school in Year 2.

    Bye for now
    Class 2M and Mrs MacSkimming and Mr Thomas

  4. We should have some pen pals !

  5. That would be lovely! We will share some of our learning on our city of Coventry and will send you some pictures when we visit Coventry Cathedral. We would also love to hear all about Edinburgh too if you could send us some interesting facts.

    Thank you
    2M and Mrs MacSkimming and Mrs Kinnersley

    • Hi
      Our Primary 6 class are learning about Old Edinburgh. Follow our class blog for lots of interesting facts about Edinburgh in the past.
      Ms Brand & Primary 6

      • Hi,

        Lynn Brand is a very senior teacher in Tollcross primary school Edinburgh, she is humble
        and dedicated to her profession.

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