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Learning Grids for pupils who are isolating:

Primary 1

Primary 2

Primary 3

Primary 4

Primary 5

Primary 6

Primary 7

This is where you will find information about Learning @ Home.

These posters explain how to navigate around Teams. I have included the view of Teams from a computer/laptop desktop and from the App for a tablet as they differ slightly.
This is a week Map of how Learning @ Home will be structured.
We have made some improvements to our Learning @ Home based on your feedback. 💬✅

When creating our plan for Learning @ Home we have carefully considered feedback from Parents, Carers and the Pupils gathered during and after the lockdown experience. Take a look at the pie charts below to see the results. 🧐

Please have a read of these safety guidelines before using Microsoft Teams at home.

These websites have more information about being safe and responsible online:
Safer internet uk
5 rights

Here is our plan!