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Good Afternoon

Thank you to everyone for sharing your learning with us, commenting, emailing, liking, Tweeting and blogging. We have really enjoyed sharing your day.

A big thank you to our teaching staff for their dedication to providing exciting opportunities and activities for online learning for all our children and their families.

Many of our staff have volunteered to support our learners who will be attending the Hub School at Tynecastle High school. We are working as a team to support the children whose parents and carers are key workers. If a member of staff is on the volunteering rota another teacher will post the learning on their class blog. We will continue to support all of our children learning at home.

Thank you to everyone for all their kind messages and comments this week. We are in different locations at the moment but we are still Tollcross Primary School.

Stay Safe and look after each other.

Tollcross Primary School

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Building Resilience.

Hi everyone,

Building Resilience learning activities will be posted on a Thursday for you to work on through the week. They will be posted in whole school activities, early level activities, first level activities and second level activities. Video links to songs, stories and dances will also be posted. It would be great to see what you are up to with the learning. You can reply to the blog post, tweet @TollcrossP email (with building resilience or Ms Anderson as the subject). We are really looking forward to seeing your great ideas.

Ms Anderson x

Whole school activities

Early level activities

First level activities.

Second Level activities

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Good Morning

Good morning Tollcross Families. The City of Edinburgh Council is in the process of confirming spaces for the children of key workers to provide learning and childcare. This service is for the children of families where both parents are critical key workers or a single parent who is a key worker. In a two parent family it is expected that the parent able to work from home will provide childcare. If both parents are key workers or a single parent is a key worker then the Hub Schools will welcome your children and provide learning and childcare for your family.

We fully support the service and care our key workers are providing for our communities at this time.

If you have any questions, enquiries or require support please get in touch with us at


🌈Tollcross Counts 🌈 Assembly

Good Morning Tollcross Families
It was in the diary to have a Tollcross Counts Assembly this morning so I thought why not give it a go online!
Our new Tollcross Counts Topic is addition and subtraction.
I hope you get the chance to try the game at home .
It can be played with everyone from P1 to P7.
When you go on the number hunt try to challenge yourself with the numbers you find, this will make the sums a good brain workout for you 🧠💪
You can use the Spinner I made with your own numbers.

Good luck and enjoy!
Share your learning with us @TollcrossP