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Climate Hot Seat

Young climate activists from across Scotland have joined together to host a youth climate hustings in advance of the Scottish Parliament elections in May 2021.

‘The Climate Hot Seat’ has been organised by young people aged 13-32 representing seven youth organisations in Scotland. The event is specifically for young people to hold Scotland’s party leaders accountable for their climate action and to give other young people valuable information in advance of casting their vote. In the invitation to party leaders, the group said:

“Addressing climate change has never been more important than now. We only have a few years to keep warming below catastrophic levels and if elected to government, this will be something you will have to face during your term in office.”

The Climate Hot Seat event will take place on Friday 9th April via video conferencing. It is open to young people aged 11 – 25.

Young people can sign up to attend here.

As well as attending the event, young people aged 11 – 25 across Scotland have the opportunity to put their climate and environmental questions to party leaders through an open call for questions that isOPEN NOW!

All questions submitted will be reviewed by the organising group of young people before the event and young people whose questions are chosen to be asked at the event will be contacted in advance.  If young people are under 16, they will need parental/carer permission to submit a question.

The deadline for submitting questions is 9am on Friday 26th March 2021.

Young people can submit their climate change questions through this form.

There will also be an opportunity for young people to join young climate activists and expert speakers to learn more about five key environmental areas with experts on Friday March 12th, at our The Climate Hot Seat – The Warm-Up event.

Transport, wildlife and biodiversity, fossil fuels and energy, climate targets, and agriculture are some of the most important issues Scotland faces in the fight against climate change. What do Scotland’s elected decision-makers have to do to keep warming below catastrophic levels? Young People can ask the experts and have their say in this interactive session. We will also be supporting you to register to vote in the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections in May 2021.

This event will be hosted on Zoom and is open to young people aged 11-25.

Young people can sign up here –

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P1 to P3 Children Returning to School

We hope that everyone has enjoyed reconnecting with remote learning this week.

Working with you and your Family…

We are looking forward to welcoming our P1 to P3 children back to school on Monday 22/2/21. A plan for the return to school has been emailed to all families. Connecting with key adults, working in small groups and reconnecting with friends will help support the transition back to school.

Our children in P4 to P7 will continue to learn from home. Class teachers will provide remote learning via Teams. The Scottish Government is expected to make an announcement on Tuesday 2/03/21 about the return to school for our children in P4 to P7.

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The Coorie-In at Home

This week Ms Menzies is here with another story for us. It looks like she has brought a friend with her too! You can see she is sitting in her cosy story corner at home. Do you have a favourite spot to enjoy a story? Maybe you can choose a friend to enjoy the story with today. 🐻🐨🐯