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Good Afternoon

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Thank you to everyone for sharing your learning with us, commenting, emailing, liking, Tweeting and blogging. We have really enjoyed sharing your day.

A big thank you to our teaching staff for their dedication to providing exciting opportunities and activities for online learning for all our children and their families.

Many of our staff have volunteered to support our learners who will be attending the Hub School at Tynecastle High school. We are working as a team to support the children whose parents and carers are key workers. If a member of staff is on the volunteering rota another teacher will post the learning on their class blog. We will continue to support all of our children learning at home.

Thank you to everyone for all their kind messages and comments this week. We are in different locations at the moment but we are still Tollcross Primary School.

Stay Safe and look after each other.

Tollcross Primary School

One thought on “Good Afternoon

  1. Thank you for all your hard work, been very impressed with how the online lessons are going 👍😊

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