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Rainbows in windows to spread joy🌈

Many of you will have seen rainbows in the windows of houses in Edinburgh. With social distancing lots of children are connecting with each other by painting colourful rainbows and putting them in their windows for others to see. Children in many different countries are putting rainbows in their windows to share with children in their towns and cities. If you make a rainbow to share please share it with us @TollcrossP. We will retweet and share your rainbows online 🌈


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Good Morning

Thank you to everyone for engaging so well with remote learning. It will take a wee while for everyone to adjust to the new ways we will be working and learning together. Mrs Ross will have her own blog page today to support the learners she normally works with in school, the activities and learning are available to all learners if they want to have a look and try them. A big thank you to all of our lovely Tollcross staff for all their efforts and to all our families for showing resilience and engagement at this uncertain time.

For everyone who works, learns and loves at Tollcross Primary x

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