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Coorie-in with a story πŸ“–

Ms Richardson and I have really been missing the ‘Coorie-In’ and so we are going to share a story with you each week read by someone from Tollcross.

We will be posting these on the main blog and on Twitter every Tuesday.

Until then here is a story P1 have been reading (it is one of Ms Brand’s favourites). To hear it click on the link below-

Where the Wild Things Are

and here are some craft activities you could try at home!

We would love to see what you create and where you love to ‘coorie-in’ with a book! Tweet us your pictures @Tollcross_P

This is my all time favourite story Ms Dripps, brilliant choice 😊

Ms Brand x


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Building Resilience.

Today we will be starting our new Building Resilience topic: Challenge your mindset. We have already done a lot of learning on Growth Mindset strategies so this is revision for us!

We are going to start off by looking at the PowerPoint slides. We will have some singing, dancing and a Tollcross challenge. Lets see what Skipper is teaching us this term:

That was a lot of information I think now is a great time for a song about your brain, this is one of my favourite songs about the brain!

We are going to create our own brains. You can draw a brain, build a brain, mould a brain, paint a brain…. You can use play-dough, modelling clay, string, cardboard, recycling, plastic, tinfoil, digital.…anything really, be as creative as you like.

Your brain could be small, it could be huge it could be medium size. it could be a model, a puzzle, a hat or a piece of art. The choice is yours. You can research some ideas online or get inspiration from the pictures below. Your brain can be any colour that your like!

This task will be fun, but it may not be easy. Lets watch the video below to get Growth Mindset tips from Dojo!

Now we have a quiz. write down the numbers 1 – 9 . Look at the pictures of the brains and the list of animals and decide which brain belongs to which animal? Answers will be posted tomorrow. Good Luck.

Skipper has 2 more tasks for you complete ( remember you have a week to complete the Building Resilience tasks) complete the tasks at a time that suits you. Send all your pictures to or tweet @tollcrossP

lets finish our Assembly with a dance, I am looking forward to seeing all your great work.

Have a great day.

Miss Anderson x

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Good Morning

Good morning Tollcross families, I hope everyone is safe and well. Thank you to everyone who completed the IT survey we sent out last week. This has helped us to target support for our families. We will be in contact over the next few days to arrange a time to deliver iPads to families who need a device. This will support our learners to continue to access learning from home. 🌈

A rainbow over Tollcross Primary 🌈

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Good morning

Good morning,

Good morning, I hope everyone managed to do something to make them happy over the weekend. Ms Anderson has been supporting health and wellbeing across our school community while we are learning and working from home. We all need to think about how we look after our mental health by keeping connected, being kind to ourselves, trying something new and doing things that make us happy.

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Hello everyone

Hopefully you were able to watch the resilience videos yesterday. Just in case it wasn’t able to load on your device I have shared the messages from Team TX in a gallery below. We look forward to receiving your messages too.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Miss Anderson πŸ™‚

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Learning from Home

Thank you to the City of Edinburgh Psychological Services team for this great resource to support families as we try to work and learn from home. This information has been emailed to all our families with contact details of how you can access the the service should you child require additional support or to seek advice on home learning or wellbeing.

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Building Resilience πŸ˜€πŸŒˆπŸ’ͺ🧠

Good morning, we have come to the end of our Building Resilience topic 3 : Respect Yourself. I hope that you have enjoyed the activities and you have learned a lot.

The key learning has been: πŸ™‚ There is no-one quite like me. πŸ™‚ Everyone has different strengths. πŸ™‚ I treat myself with respect.

It is now time to reflect on what we have learned. Just like we do in school. Find somewhere peaceful and cosy to reflect, put on some relaxing music or listen to the birds. Go through the reflection slides below and answer the questions. Remember give yourself time to think before you share your thoughts. Adults this is a great activity for everyone to do.


Miss Anderson x

It is now time for a story, as recommended by Skipper The Lion Inside. Coco also recommends this story πŸ˜€

It is now time to share some of the learning that you guys have been doing. If you look closely you may see some messages from people you recognise. Pause the video is you need too. πŸ˜€

Please be patient the video may need some time to load .

Do you have a message you would like to share with Tollcross Primary? We would love to hear from you. πŸ˜€

Your task: write or draw a message and send us them by email Or Tweet @TollcrossP

Now let’s have a dance πŸ’ƒ