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Building Resilience

Good morning everyone ,

This is the last in our Building resilience unit 3 Respect yourself. After Easter we will have our reflection and sharing and then we will kick off unit 4.

Below are the activities: a whole school activity, early level activity, first level activity, second level activity. Feel free to give more than one a go. They are perfect activities to keep you occupied over the last days before the Easter break or during the Easter break, or when you come back after Easter. We are going to start with a dance.

The intended learning is:

I know the things that make me feel happy and calm and I know that exercise is important to keep me healthy.

key message is: I treat myself with respect. 

I hope you enjoy the tasks and share your learning on twitter @TollcrossP. or email

Miss Anderson 🙂


Early level Activity

First level activity.

Second level activity.