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5 thoughts on “comments

  1. Hi

    Let me just say that it was an honour being a student at Tollcross. I was in the class of 89 and I am beyond thankful to this day to have had Mrs.McVicar as my class teacher and Mr.Neil as the Headteacher at that time. All my achievements in life I dedicate to the strong teachings and fun times at Tollcross. Thanks again for everything and I hope there is a reunion for our class someday soon.

    Best of luck to all,


  2. Hello it’s me Michal from 2014. How is everyone doing ?

  3. Good morning Headteacher, on Tuesday morning I dropped our wee granddaughter Selena (P1a) off at the school. We had to cross the busy road at the rear gate to enter the playground. I was concerned about the lack of assisted crossing over this busy road.

    • Hello,
      We have had a traffic survey undertaken and unfortunately there is insufficient use of the gate to warrant a crossing guide. The suggested crossing is at the Ponton Street end.
      Alice Brown
      Head Teacher

  4. Well in 22nd of April it made one year that I’ve went to Tollcross Primary School and want to thanks everyone in it especially my friend and teachers that helped so much in this jurney!
    Faithfully Joao p4!

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