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New Tollcross Counts Topic πŸŒˆ

We started our new Counts topic today, Combining and Partitioning numbers.

This will focus on building up and breaking down numbers, highlighting the place value of each digit.

This video may help explain:

Place value song

We are using the language Hundreds, Tens and Ones ( rather than units)

E.g. H T O

4 3 2 this number has 4 hundreds (400), 3 tens (30) and 2 ones (2)

Some games you could play at home:

Games for 7-11 year olds

Games for everyone

Fun games


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Columba 1400

Ms Brand and Miss Chadwick have enjoyed taking part in the Columba 1400 leadership academy in Ardoch, Loch Lomond this week. Columba 1400 has provided an opportunity to work with colleagues in different local authorities and focus on values, collaboration and leadership. We also had the pleasure of working with the lovely Alice Brown 😊