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Curriculum for Excellence Levels

A few parents have asked for exemplification of the levels on the pupil report.  The table below is a general guide to the five curriculum levels with progression to qualifications. The framework is designed to be flexible to permit careful planning for those with additional support needs, including those who have a learning difficulty and those who are particularly able or talented.  Pupils progress through the levels from Developing (D), Consolidating (C) and Secure (S).  This may be recorded at First Level Secure (1S) etc. Should you wish more detail it is available on the Education Scotland Website.

Level Stage
Early The pre-school years and P1, or later for some.
First To the end of P4, but earlier or later for some.
Second To the end of P7, but earlier or later for some.
Third and Fourth S1 to S3, but earlier for some. The fourth level broadly equates to Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework level 4. The fourth level experiences and outcomes are intended to provide possibilities for choice and young people’s programmes will not include all of the fourth level outcomes.
Senior phase

Education Scotland Website