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Parent/Teacher Meetings

The Parent/Teacher Meetings have been cancelled tonight due to the severe weather warnings. We will have the meetings next Wednesday 7/3/18, the appointment times will remain the same. The Parent/Teacher meetings for Friday 2/3/18 will go ahead as planned and we look forward to seeing you.


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Big Brain Stretch Challenge 🧠

Wow, Ms Chadwick challenged our brains this morning. Every class was given a Big Brain Stretch Challenge at our School Assembly. It was really tricky but we worked out the answers together. Good luck with creating your own Brain Stretch Challenges at home, everyone will be given a Brain Stretch Challenge sheet tomorrow to take home. I am really looking forward to testing my brain and will be creating my own Brain Stretch Challenges for each class. If you can’t wait until tomorrow to get started then go to your class page and have a look …

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Sharing Learning at Tollcross Primary 💫

It was a pleasure to share our learning with the Headteachers from Hermitage Park Primary and Clermiston Primary and the Principal Teacher from Echline Primary School today. Our pupils were able to share, explain and talk about their learning in numeracy. We received lots of positive comments and feedback and will use this to inform our learning journey in numeracy at Tollcross Primary. It was a pleasure to work  and collaborate with colleagues across our city. A big thank you to the staff and pupils  who welcomed our visitors and shared classroom practice and learning.


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Parental Engagement Event – Number of the Day

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came along  to the launch of our whole school Big Brain Stretch Challenge today. This is  part of our Number of the Day approach and aims to raise attainment in  numeracy at Tollcross Primary. Hope everyone is ready for the Big Brain Stretch Callenge home learning activity. Thank you to Miss Chadwick for leading this initiative in our school 🙂