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New Books

Our new books have arrived. They look really interesting and will be a great addition to our school library. All of the books were purchased using the money raised from our school book fair. It is lovely to have so many new books to enjoy and share.

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Numeracy At Tollcross

All of the classes started their new Tollcross Counts topic this week – Sequencing and Ordering Numbers.

Lots of impressive ideas and maths vocabulary being used in the Numeracy Assembly yesterday. #madmathsskillz

Some games and activities for home:

Door numbers can be used to play a few games whilst out and about- trying to guess the next door, noticing odd and even patterns.

Money can also be used to order the value of coins or even order the prices from your shopping.

You could create sequences using numbers at home – ages, birthdays, favourite numbers, heights etc.

You could play the supermarket memory game ‘I went to the supermarket and I bought…’ but include numbers of items that have to be in order lowest to highest or highest to lowest.

Online ordering & sequencing games

This topic fits well with measure. This could be ordering different food items at home for weight or even putting household objects into size order ascending and descending.

Online measure games


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News from Zoe and Zac

So lovely to hear from Zoe and Zac, we are looking forward to catching up with them when they visit Edinburgh on Monday 25th February. Zoe and Zac have sent this message to all their friends at Tollcross Primary …

Hello everyone,

This is our new school. It is called Ecole Montchapet élémentaire. Élémentaire is the French term for primary school. We are very happy here now but at the beginning it was quite hard because it was a new language and we didn’t know all of it. Also we had to make new friends. In the playground we play touche-touche (tig), billes (marbles), and chat perché.

At lunchtime your parents decide if you go home or stay at school to eat. At the school we all sit down at the tables and there is only one set meal and someone reads the menu. We always have a starter, main meal, cheese and dessert.

We finish at 16.05 and start at 8.50 but we have a 2 hour lunch break. We each have two teachers that work together at different times if the week. The first does Monday and Tuesday and the second Thursday and Friday. Here Fridays aren’t half a day, it’s the Wednesday instead. The teachers take turns with the Wednesday.

Zoe is in the choir but it is very small. We miss Tollcross and think of you lots!

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our Tollcross families and friends. We welcome the staff back tomorrow and our pupils on Wednesday 9th January. If your New Year Resolution is to get fit, have more fun and enjoy time together as a family then remember to come along to our free family salsa classes after school on Wednesday, everyone welcome. 💃🏼🕺🏻