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New Tollcross Counts Topic

Addition and subtraction will be our Numeracy topic for the next 4 weeks, continuing after the Easter break.

What will we be learning?

– focusing on mental strategies for addition and subtraction.

-number bonds to 10, 20, 100, 1000

-using empty number lines eg.

Missing addend sums 34 + __ = 50

Missing subtrahend sums 32 – __ = 11

Activities you could do at home:

Adding and subtracting money or prices when visiting the shop

First to 100 – use a dice and each side can be a one or a ten ( 6 or 60) take turns first to 100 wins. Can be played first to 0 using subtraction and starting at 100.

Telling the time – what time it is now? What time will it be in 40 minutes? What time was it 10 minutes ago?

Online games and activities

Missing addend and subtrahend

Addition and Subtraction games

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Eco Committee Non uniform day


The Eco-Committee have planned a non-uniform day next Friday on the 5th April (last day of term before Easter holidays) children can wear their normal clothes to school and we ask if possible can they bring in a £1 donation.

Donations will go towards a local charity called Edinburgh Global Partnership (EGP) who are raising money to go to Malawi to construct sustainable developments such as solar powered fish dryers and storage units. All money raised goes directly towards the project.

Thank you in advance

Tollcross Eco-Committee

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New Tollcross Counts Topic ðŸŒˆ

We kicked off the new topic today at our Numeracy Assembly – Combining and Partitioning Numbers.

This is all about splitting numbers up and building numbers in different ways. We will be doing a lot of work on Place Value with this, focusing on Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones ( previously known as units) and more!

Here are some useful websites for you to explore at home:

Place value games

Partitioning Games

Building 10 app available to download

Useful free apps:

number pieces

Number bonds to 10

Maths slide – hundreds, tens and ones

Place value fish