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Parent/Carer Survey

Dear Parent/Carers,

As part of reviewing the school admissions and appeals process, we are trying to gather views from all of the different parties involved via the link below:

Parent/Carer Survey

The review was agreed following a report, Short-Life Member Officer Group – School Admissions/Appeal presented to the Education, Children and Families Committee on 1 October. The main purpose of the review is to consider the challenges and issues related to the placing in schools/ appeals process.

We have a very tight timescale to collect your feedback so we would ask if you could please complete the survey as soon as possible as it will close on the 15 November.

In the main this survey is for those who have experience of an out of catchment placing request but we are also interested in your general views in terms of the placing in schools and appeals process. Please skip any questions which you don’t feel are relevant to you.