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The Voice Thief


P7¬†were invited along to Summerhall this morning to participate in a performance of¬†The Voice Thief by Catherine Wheels Theatre Company. It was a wonderful production and a really exciting¬†and innovative¬†theatre¬†experience for both¬†children and adults.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† P7¬†have written reviews of the performance and would highly recommend it …

This sinister experience was outstanding and interesting  compared to other theater shows. Children over 9 will definitely enjoy it . In some ways it felt creepy and scary as if we were about to get our voices taken from us,  like we were in a real laboratory!

***** interesting experience !  Tia and India

Our experience¬†of this heart stopping ¬†show was spectacular, it made us feel as if we were in the actor’s shoes, proving that the director has done an excellent job, we recommend this to children 9+

***** “beyond spectacular!” by Miekha and Emma

The background blends in with the characters. You wear surgical masks making you feel like you are part of the cast. Also it was very atmospheric!

***** Creative by Steven V.

This unique and sinister tour takes you through this wonderful factory of mis-hap, letting you explore before the exciting magic begins. Whilst you’re being told about voice theft, anguish and anxiety, the real story begins.

*****Intriguing   by Katie and Salma

The Voice Thief is a unique play that allows  children to get involved in what is happening. I had an amazing time, had lots of fun and enjoyed myself. My favourite part was when Erin sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and while she was sing her voice went really high and really low! The atmosphere in each different room felt so real and it was absolutely amazing! I would love to see it again.

*****  a fantastic experience by Abby and Yuchen


I think The Voice Thief was ¬†an amazing experience for children aged¬†nine and over .The play was¬†unusual because you¬† didn’t sit like in a normal theater but in The Voice Thief you were moving¬†around in every scene like you¬†were part of it ! I would recommend¬† seeing it .

five stars *****  by  Martyna & Katelyn


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A Great Morning at the Union Canal

Thank you to Sciennes and James Gillespie’s Primary for participating in our outdoor PE Route at the Union Canal . We very much appreciate the feedback we received, this will help us to make improvements and identify areas we are getting right. ¬†We really enjoyed working with pupils from both schools, lots of enthusiasm and an excellent attitude.¬†It was great to have the opportunity to share this project with our cluster schools, thank you for a very active
morning !