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🎭🤹🏼‍♂️🎺Tollcross has got Talent 🎤🎸🎭

Wow, what a great talent show we had at Tollcross Primary today. It was fantastic to see so many performers and listen to our talented musicians. Congratulations to our winners who treated us to an amazing hoola hoop display. Thank you to the choir for giving us a sneak preview of their performance for the Glee competition on Monday. Good luck from everyone at Tollcross Primary !
Thank you to Mrs Ewen and the Music Committee for organising Tollcross has got Talent for us today.

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Keeping Pupils Safe Online – OoVoo

OoVoo is a high quality video chat application similar to Facetime or Skype. It allows people to connect with up to 12 friends at one time and video chat or have a voice call. You can download it on an iPad, iTouch, iPhone, Android phone, etc. And you must be 13 years old to set up an account, which doesn’t slow anyone down who can subtract 13 years from 2015.

What are the concerns for your child using ooVoo? As with all social media, the main concern is who can search out your child easily. The easier it is to find the child, the faster a predator will find them, start talking to them and find a way to connect with them without the child realizing what is happening. The second concern is the way in which ooVoo is being used. Young children (pre-teen) find this app through their peers or older siblings. It’s Internet-based and often used at home in the YP or child’s bedroom. It has been the case that whilst talking with friends an adult has entered the group chat.

How do you manage your child’s ooVoo account?

1. Always know your child’s password. This will allow you to ensure that they are using ooVoo safely.
2. Make sure that the privacy settings are properly set up. Without using the privacy settings, your child can be contacted by anyone at anytime and anyone can see the profile of your child. (I have my daughter’s set to ‘Nobody’ so that only people who know her ooVoo ID can contact her).
3. You can review the history of your child’s account. You will be able to see who they are chatting and messaging with. Ensure that you know all of these people and are comfortable with it. Note that your child can erase the history.
4. If your child receives an unwanted friend request, ignore it AND check the box to Also block this person from contacting me again.
5. If your child experiences a more serious encounter with an adult contact CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) Command
6. With young children (pre-teen) You can frequently review your child’s friends to ensure that you know them all.
7. Remind your child to always log out when they are finished using ooVoo, especially if another person’s device is being used.
8. Learn how to use the product! If your child knows that you are involved and understand the technology they are using, they will not feel free to do whatever they please because “Mum doesn’t have a clue how this works!”
ooVoo is not necessarily bad. Like most social media apps, there are some great uses for teens. For example, working on a group project would be a great use of ooVoo, given the ability to have multiple users on the same video chat session. However, the dangers come when children and young people use them in unproductive ways and when the privacy settings are not set tightly. This is where our job as parents is so critical. This is where if you drop the ball you could end up dealing with a lot more than an unwanted friend request.

Thank you.

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Primary One Bake Sale


Thank you so much to everyone who  supported our Primary 1 Bake Sale. Primary 1 were fantastic hosts and did an excellent job of serving and entertaining our visitors which included six classes and both nurseries! Well done Primary 1 for showing how independent and responsible you are! We have raised over £200 which will be split between Nepal and Tollcross School funds. A great amount!

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The Voice Thief


P7 were invited along to Summerhall this morning to participate in a performance of The Voice Thief by Catherine Wheels Theatre Company. It was a wonderful production and a really exciting and innovative theatre experience for both children and adults.           P7 have written reviews of the performance and would highly recommend it …

This sinister experience was outstanding and interesting  compared to other theater shows. Children over 9 will definitely enjoy it . In some ways it felt creepy and scary as if we were about to get our voices taken from us,  like we were in a real laboratory!

***** interesting experience !  Tia and India

Our experience of this heart stopping  show was spectacular, it made us feel as if we were in the actor’s shoes, proving that the director has done an excellent job, we recommend this to children 9+

***** “beyond spectacular!” by Miekha and Emma

The background blends in with the characters. You wear surgical masks making you feel like you are part of the cast. Also it was very atmospheric!

***** Creative by Steven V.

This unique and sinister tour takes you through this wonderful factory of mis-hap, letting you explore before the exciting magic begins. Whilst you’re being told about voice theft, anguish and anxiety, the real story begins.

*****Intriguing   by Katie and Salma

The Voice Thief is a unique play that allows  children to get involved in what is happening. I had an amazing time, had lots of fun and enjoyed myself. My favourite part was when Erin sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and while she was sing her voice went really high and really low! The atmosphere in each different room felt so real and it was absolutely amazing! I would love to see it again.

*****  a fantastic experience by Abby and Yuchen


I think The Voice Thief was  an amazing experience for children aged nine and over .The play was unusual because you  didn’t sit like in a normal theater but in The Voice Thief you were moving around in every scene like you were part of it ! I would recommend  seeing it .

five stars *****  by  Martyna & Katelyn