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Outdoor PE Project

IMG_0662Tollcross Primary was awarded Ā£3000 from Education Scotland to develop core skills in P.E. Ā Our project involves setting up stations along the canal basin to develop core Ā skills, using QR codes to provide instructions. A QR Ā reader will be used to download the instructions to complete the course and a certificate will be available to download once the course is complete. Yesterday P6/7 pupils were out at the canal to find out how it is being used.
Pupils used a mind map to plan their ideas and are working with Ms Chadwick and Mr Devine to design and create a course to develop core PE skills. Follow our blog for further updates.

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Exciting new PE Project at Tollcross

We have been successful in our application for funding from Education Scotland. The funding will enable us to develop a key project using technologies to develop and enhance core skills in PE. This will involve setting up an outdoor PE resource to be used by pupils, local families and local businesses with the aim of  encouraging a more active lifestyle while focusing on developing core skills in PE. This is a very exciting project and we will keep you updated with our progress.