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Covid-19 Arrangements over Christmas and New Year

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Dear Parent/Carer,

Covid-19 Arrangements over Christmas and New Year

In order to ensure we are able to support families who may test positive over Christmas and New Year, we have put in place arrangements that will allow us to work with Health Protection Lothian to identify potential close contacts in schools. In order for this to be most effective, we are asking you to support us.

ALL SCHOOL SETTINGS (Early Years, Primary, Special and Secondary)

  • Please report any absence to your child’s school so we can keep our records up to date
  • If your child is symptomatic with any of the following symptoms, please do not send them to school
    • a new continuous cough.
      • A new continuous cough is where you have a new cough that’s lasted for an hour have had three or more episodes of coughing in 24 hours and are coughing more than usual.
    • and/or a fever/high temperature
      • A high temperature is feeling hot to the touch on your chest or back (you don’t need to measure your temperature). You may feel warm, cold or shivery
  • During the school holidays, if your child has had a positive test result for Covid-19 please call 0131 200 2000 to let us know. 


  • Over the Christmas period if your child is symptomatic, they will be asked to identify who their close contacts were within a set timescale by the Test and Protect Team.
  • As this may mean looking at days your child was in school, we will be asking them to note the names of their close contacts in every class. This will be written down at the start of each new period (only once for double periods)
  • On Thursday 17th, Friday 18th, Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd, your child will be asked to record the names of those pupils who are their immediate close contacts.  They will bring that information home with them.
  • If your child does test positive, they may be asked to identify the close contacts on their lists.  This depends on the day they first displayed Covid-19 symptoms. This will support the team to contact other pupils and staff who may need to self-isolate.
  • PLEASE, can you support us and your child by checking with your child(ren) that they have brought the information home with them and it is kept in a safe place for easy access.


As your child(ren) is in the same class or bubble the school will share attendance information with the Health Protection Team so they can identify and notify close contacts.  Your child(ren) does not need to do anything further. Thank you for your continued support.

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